How Cotton Boulevard organic cotton is made

We only use the highest quality organic cotton for our collection of incredibly soft clothing for babies and young children. 

Organic cotton provides many benefits over conventional cotton: 

  • It is more environmentally friendly.
  • It is sustainable.
  • It is ethical.
  • It provides social and economic benefits.
  • It is stronger and long lasting.
  • It is soft on delicate skin.
  • It doesn’t contain harmful toxins such as chemicals or pesticides which are found in conventional cotton.

We have complete control over the organic cotton used to make our beautiful garments for babies and young children.  We ensure that it is produced using environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical methods.

How our organic cotton is made

As a small family business, we are able to keep a tight control on our production process, from growing the raw material to delivery to your door.

Growing and preparation

Organic cotton is grown from cotton seeds.  The plant produces a fluffy fibre which is picked and then goes through the ginning process.  Cotton ginning separates the cotton fibres from the seeds.  The cotton fibres are then spun into thread ready for weaving, whilst the seeds are stored ready for sowing to grow more cotton. Using plant-based dyes, the cotton thread is dyed to requirements.

Sustainable and environmental farming

Our organic cotton is grown in India, but farmers all over the world are now producing this environmentally friendly product.  Like many areas where conventional cotton is grown, India often faces water shortages. It takes around 11,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton, whereas the production of organic cotton uses approximately 88% less water.  Conventional cotton is produced using pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, which will ultimately end up in the soil and drinking water – making it harmful for animals and humans alike.

We work with our farmers to help them grow a sustainable organic cotton without using pesticides or synthetic fertilisers which are harmful to pollinating insects and animals.  This also means that our farmers are not subjected to any harmful chemicals either, helping them achieve a safer, healthier way of working and living.

Conventional cotton is often grown from GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds (in the US, for example, 45% of all conventional cotton is genetically engineered).  GMO seeds can be costly and need to be purchased each year.  Organic cotton farmers work in harmony with the environment, using natural farming methods such as composting to create healthy soil, which then provides them with better crops.  They save their seeds year after year, saving them money whilst knowing that their seeds are from an organic source.  They use sustainable farming practices by rotating crops to ensure soil enrichment, and grow other crops alongside the cotton to provide them with other income sources as well as food.

Our lovingly prepared garments

After all of this, the organic cotton fabric is made into soft, beautiful, organic clothing designed by our Designer and in-house team.

Why not have a browse and have a look at our new collection of organic cotton clothing for babies and young children?

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