We’d love you to stock our beautiful range of organic cotton baby and childrens’ wear.

Cotton Boulevard is a family-owned supplier of beautiful, ethical clothing that is designed specially for us and made under strict process control to lessen impact on our environment.

Our whole ethos is completely ethical, so our stockists can provide their customers with a truly environmentally friendly range of beautiful clothing and accessories that is kind to our planet and its people. Organic cotton is naturally softer than conventional cotton, so it’s kinder to the skin and of course no toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton which also consumes less water in the process, helping to preserve this precious resource.

We have complete control over the organic cotton used to make our beautiful garments for babies and young children. We ensure that it is produced using environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical methods.

There’s also other good reasons to become a Cotton Boulevard stockist:

  • No minimum order on the number of items you need to purchase.
  • FREE delivery on every order.
  • Good profit margins.
  • Benefit from our vigorous marketing campaigns designed to increase awareness of organic clothing.
  • Stock our new premature baby range and open up opportunities for new customers.
  • Website login for easy re-ordering and purchase history.
  • Stockist promotion via our ‘Find a Stockist‘ page.
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Why organic cotton is better for babies and young children.

Whatever your age, we believe that organic cotton is best. However, for babies and young children, organic cotton has a host of benefits such as:

  • It is softer and kinder to the skin, and the more it is washed the softer it becomes.
  • Unlike normal cotton, our organic cotton is free from pesticides and chemicals, so it’s not coarse or scratchy to the touch. It ensures:
    • You child is not inhaling anything toxic
    • They stay discomfort-free
    • You child has less chances of developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and other allergies
  • Quality of organic cotton is superior as it has not been damaged by chemicals during production.
  • Clothing made from organic cotton will last longer than that made from conventional cotton.
  • Organic cotton is mould-resistant and stops the growth of micro-organisms.


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Cotton Boulevard organic cotton is ethical from growth to delivery.

As a small family business, we are able to keep a tight control on our production process, from growing the raw material to delivery to your door.

Our organic cotton is grown on a GOTS certified farm in India which is run and managed in a totally ethical manner, using sustainable farming methods.

Our organic cotton farmers don’t use GM (genetically modified) seeds either which need to be purchased every year. By composting, healthy soil is created allowing for better crops and seeds saved for re-use year after year.

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