Spring is on its way: Tips for getting your kids outside

The days are slowly getting longer, there’s blossom starting to appear on trees, and the birds are starting to sing. This can only mean one thing – spring is on its way.

After a wet and windy winter, everyone is looking forward to sunnier days when families can get outside and do all the things that were excluded during winter, so we’ve put together a few top tips for getting your kids outside this spring.

10 tops tips for enjoying the big outdoors

There’s a whole host of things you can do with your toddler – and older children – that’s right on your doorstep, but here’s just 10 to get you started:

(1) Visit your local park

Whether you live in a countryside, suburban or urban environment, almost everyone across the UK has access to a local park. From soft play areas to places to walk the dog, running around on the grass to playing on tree stumps – there’s a lot of fun to be had in the park.

(2) Make a home for wildlife

There’s a number of things that you can do with your little ones to get them interested in the wildlife that visit your garden.  These include making a Bee B&B using sticks and hollow tubes (such as bamboo or cane), creating a log pile for insects – and even newts and toads – to make their home, making a hedgehog highway, making your own fat balls for birds, or even planting a tree for wildlife.  Visit the RSPB website to find out more garden activities to help wildlife.

(3) Discover nature in your back garden

Whatever the size of your garden, nature is all around us.  Lift up a patio slab and watch the worms and insects scurry around.  Erect a bird feeding station and watch the different birds that visit your garden. Or even count bees and butterflies searching for nectar.

(4) Camp out in the back garden

Using an old sheet and washing line, rope or a few branches, you can make a great hideaway in the garden where you can sit and read with your toddler.  Alternatively, lay out a blanket and a few cushions on your lawn and have a picnic.

(5) Create a sandbox

Who doesn’t love making sandcastles?  Most DIY stores now stock bags of sand especially for children’s sandboxes, and you can pick up cheap buckets at any discount store.

(6) Have a nature inspired scavenger hunt

Whether in the park, countryside or your own garden, create an outdoor scavenger hunt where your children collect some fun items from nature.

(7) Get crafty with nature

Make a daisy chain.  Create a collage using twigs, flowers, leaves, acorns and fir cones. Do some nature printing – paint leaves in a variety of colours and press them down on paper to create some nature artwork.

(8) Plant a garden

Plant some wildflower seeds and watch the plants grow, and then when they are fully grown count the number of bees, butterflies and insects they attract.

(9) Splash in the rain

There’s always one thing we can guarantee in the UK, and that’s rain!  Don’t let that spoil your outside plans with your toddler, don your waterproof clothing and wellies and splash in the puddles.

(10) Let them get dirty!

Make mud pies, dig in the dirt, roll around on the lawn – whatever you decide, let them get dirty and worry about the washing later.

Being outside and getting physically active with your toddler brings a number of benefits to all the family, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

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