Your baby’s first clothes – Premature babies

Having a premature baby is often overwhelming for parents.  It can be a worrying time, and the fact that your baby has arrived early probably means that you are not quite as prepared as you would have been if you had gone full term.

If you had already bought newborn baby clothes, these are more than likely going to be too big for your baby.  Therefore, it will be necessary to purchase some clothing that’s designed especially for premature babies.

What clothing does your premature baby need?

Whatever you choose to dress your precious preemie in, it needs to be soft and comfortable so as not to irritate their delicate skin. Although it’s vital not to let your baby get overheated, premature babies can quickly get cold, therefore it is advisable to dress them in layers so that you can easily remove or add clothing as required.

Essential items include bodysuits, sleepsuits, rompers, soft cardigans, mittens, booties and hats.

Once your baby has reached 7lb then you can start dressing them in the carefully chosen newborn clothing that you had already purchased before your baby was born.

Why buy organic cotton premature baby clothes?

Mass-produced clothing in synthetic fibres can be scratchy and uncomfortable for the skin of premature babies.  Organic cotton is perfect for clothing for babies and toddlers of all ages, and especially so for preemies as it offers many benefits over traditional cotton and other fibres, such as:

  • It is soft and kind on delicate skin.
  • The cotton gets softer the more it is washed.
  • Unlike traditional cotton, organic cotton is free from both pesticides and chemicals. This means that your premature baby is not exposed to anything that could irritate their skin or cause allergies.
  • The quality of the cotton is much superior to other fibres.
  • It is mould-resistant and stops the growth of micro-organisms.
  • It is better for the environment.

New to Cotton Boulevard – Premature Baby Clothing

We have recently launched a range of organic cotton clothing for premature babies.  The range includes ‘early baby’ clothes which fits babies weighing 3lb – 5lb, and ‘tiny baby’ clothes which fits babies weighing 5lb – 7lb.  The collection includes bodysuits, rompers and sleepsuits. In addition, we also have a range of organic cotton accessories which includes blankets and bibs.

Please see our measurement guide to help you pick the right size for your baby. Click image to download

premature babies clothing sizes


Why buy premature clothing from Cotton Boulevard?

Cotton Boulevard is a small, family-run business that cares about the quality and beauty of its clothing whilst contributing to a better environment. Our ethical GOTS organic cotton is produced by carefully selected farmers in India.  All  the cotton is produced using sustainable farming methods and without the use of any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

We design all  our collections ourselves and every piece is lovingly and ethically produced in the softest organic cotton to ensure that only the highest quality garments are delivered to our customers.

Having complete control over the production of the cotton, design and production means that we are able to produce a range of soft, organic cotton clothing for premature babies that is ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable – as well as providing complete comfort for your new born.

Our collection is available for babies and toddlers ranging from premature babies to toddlers up to four years of age – shop online today.

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