Life in Lockdown with Mabel & Margot

Family lockdown in Devon. Being a stay at home Mummy to Mabel (22months) and Margot (6months) I have, over the past 2 years, become used to making up our own relaxed routine. I decide when we all eat, when we get dressed for the day, when we play games and get out and about. A […]

Locked Down and Pregnant: My Experience being Pregnant during a Pandemic

  When I discovered I was expecting my second baby in early February 2020, nothing could prepare me for the distressing news that was about to rock the world and put restrictions on our daily lives that we have never had before.       Having a second baby was already quite a fearful decision […]

Life in Lockdown with Franklin

kids in lockdown

Our ‘Lockdown’ Experiences When Cotton Boulevard asked whether I would like to write a couple of paragraphs about our lockdown experience as a family with two small children I agreed but the more time in ‘quarantine’ has progressed, I have discovered that I am probably not best placed to be writing a blog post about […]