Baby Clothes Size

Measurement Guide

The measurements shown on the size chart are body measurements.

How to measure you baby for clothes

To help you pick the right size for your child. To measure your little one just follow these steps:

First grab a tapemeasure!

How to measure babies height:

Standing toddler :

Measure without shoes, from the top of their head to the floor.

Laying down baby:

Measure from top of head to heel

How to measure babies chest:

Place your tape measure as close under arms as possible and measure the roundest area – leave a little space don’t have the tape too tight!


The chart shows average child measurements for guidance to help determine which size is right for you.

Please note, clothing measurements vary slightly to each garment design.

Early BabyN/AN/A3lb - 5lb1.3 - 2.3Kgup to 32cm
Tiny BabyN/AN/A5lb - 7lb2.3 - 3.1Kgup to 34cm
Newborn5650 - 56cm7lb - 9lb3.1 - 4.1Kgup to 39cm
0 - 3 Months6256 - 62cm9lb - 12lb 6oz4.1 - 5.7Kgup to 41cm
3 - 6 Months6862 - 68cmup to 16lb 3oz5.7 - 7.4Kgup to 43cm
6 - 9 Months7468 - 74cmup to 19lb 4oz7.4 - 8.8Kgup to 45cm
9 - 12 Months8074 - 80cmup to 21lb 8oz8.8 - 9.9Kgup to 47cm
12 - 18 Months8680 - 86cmup to 24lb 9oz9.9 - 11.3Kgup to 50cm
18 - 24 Months9286 - 92cmup to 27lb 3oz11.3 - 12.4Kgup to 52cm
2 - 3 Years9892 - 98cmN/AN/Aup to 54cm
3 - 4 Years10498 - 104cmN/AN/Aup to 56cm