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Things to do with your toddler during coronavirus

Things to do with your toddler on a rainy day

Regardless of season, there’s one thing that we can always rely on here in the UK, and that’s a rainy day or two!  Keeping your toddler entertained inside for a couple of days is pretty easy, but what if that rain lasts for weeks on end, finding new and exciting things to do can become a headache.

With the world currently dealing with the impacts of Coronavirus and social distancing, staying inside has become a necessity rather than being down to a few days of wet weather. 

We have put together a few tips on how to make the most of family time, whether now as we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, or later in the year as we have to stay in thanks to another rainy day.

10 tops tips for making the most of your family time indoors

Here are just a few ideas for activities and things to do with your toddler – and even older children and partners – to keep boredom at bay on those days when you can’t get out.

(1) Take a virtual tour

Many museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums now offer virtual tours of their facilities. Have a fun virtual day out at the Natural History Museum, or visit the animals at the zoo while you stay nice and cosy at home. Visit for their top 22 locations

(2) Do some colouring in

All kids love to draw and colour in.  We have created fun colouring-in sheets for you to download and colour-in with your toddlers.

(3) Embrace the board-dom!

Dust off your old board games. From Ludo to snakes and ladders, every member of the family can have fun playing board games.

(4) Have an indoor treasure hunt

Hide “treasure” around the house and draw a map with an “X marks the spot” for each piece of treasure. Provide a bag or basket for your kids to collect each item.

(5) Make puppets from old socks

Using old socks, some glue and material from old clothing, you can make your own puppet theatre.

(6) Create a fort in your living room

Sheets, blankets, pillows, chairs, sofa cushions and boxes can all be used to create an indoor fort or den.

(7) Make musical instruments

Kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, tins and bottles can all be used to create your own musical instruments.  Fill jars with different amounts of water to create different notes when hit with a wooden spoon.

(8) Do a jigsaw puzzle

Have some quiet time and complete a jigsaw puzzle together as a family.

(9) Hide and seek with soft toys

What can be more fun than playing hide and seek? Get your kids to close their eyes while you hide their favourite soft toys around the house for them to seek out.

(10) Create some trash art

Have a look in your recycling bin for toilet roll tubes, yoghurt or margarine pots, boxes, even old and broken toys and let your kids paint them and create some modern art – who knows, you may have the next Tracey Emin at your own kitchen table!

Although you may wish to limit screen time for your toddler, and older children, if all else fails, curl up on the sofa under some blankets and watch an old classic Disney film on the TV.

Other hints and tips

  • Whilst we face a period of staying indoors, it’s important to keep up the learning activities such as reading books with your toddler and doing activities that help them with their development.
  • Create a schedule where you can include learning activities with other fun stuff such as playtime and screen time – and of course nap time.
  • Encourage a routine. Establishing a routine will help all of the family, not just your toddler.  

The above are just a few suggestions for toddler entertainment whilst you are stuck inside on a rainy day, or whilst you are socially isolating during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Many more suggestions can be found online.

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